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The Hotel is located just over a mile north of Plympton, outside of Plymouth, just 15 minutes drive from the city centre. The hotel is situated in the Plym valley, overlooking the golf course and Elfordleigh woods. There are 36 bedrooms at the hotel, with a mix of double, triple and family rooms. There are 7 lower floor bedrooms and 29 on the top floor. One of the rooms is a disabled room, with the appropriate facilities. There are currently no rooms adapted for the hearing/visually impaired. All hotel information can be produced in large print, for guests with poor eyesight.


The nearest railway station is Plymouth, which is 5.8 miles away by road. The hotel is easily accessed by taxi and we recommend Plym cabs. The nearest bus stop is 1 mile away on Clifton road and is serviced by the number 20 bus, which runs a circular route from Plympton to Plymouth city centre. Boringdon Hill, the road leading to the hotel, is narrow but has space enough for traffic in both directions. Caution is advised when driving up the road as there are a number of blind corners.

Car Parking and Arrival

Free parking is available in front of the hotel and there is also a large overflow car park to the rear of the hotel. There are two handicapped spaces just outside the hotel entrance. The main hotel car park is gently sloped with floodlighting at night; the overflow car park has a rough gravelled finish and is also flood lit. The hotel has a drop off area just outside the front doors, with turning space for cars.

The front doors to the hotel are always unlocked and the reception area is manned 24hrs a day, either by a receptionist or night porter. There is a gentle ramp into the entrance porch and then a small (2 inch) step into the main building. The doors leading into the hotel are 1350mm/53” wide, manually opened and heavy, but help is always available to open them. Luggage assistance is available on request.

Main Entrance & Reception Area

The hotel reception is located on the ground floor at the front of the building. There is a small step in the entrance, but ramps are available. The reception area is level and covered with short pile carpeting, the area has adequate space around the reception desk for wheel and pushchairs and the room is well lit by a large chandelier and wall lights. The check in desk is not wheelchair accessible, but receptionists will come from behind the desk to help less able customers. There is no hearing aid loop within the building, but pads of paper and pens are available at reception to aid communication. Check in can be done within the hotel’s lounge area or in bedrooms for guests who are uncomfortable using the reception and familiarisation tours of the hotel can also be given to acclimatise visitors. These should be requested before visiting the hotel, but can also be arranged by asking reception on arrival.


There are no ‘ground’ floor rooms in the hotel, the lower floor rooms are accessed via a lift near reception. There are 7 lower floor rooms that are easily accessed from the lift and one of these is specifically designed to be wheelchair friendly. The wheelchair friendly room is on the ground floor, but requires using the lift for access. The corridor leading to the room is 110cm wide with 75cm wide fire doors between the corridors. The rooms door is 85cm wide. The room’s toilet is directly opposite the entrance, the beds are against the far wall and the desk, tv and wardrobe are on the near wall. There is a double and a single bed in the room. The double bed has over 1.5m access space either side. The bed is 60cm high with no space underneath. The room is lit by a central ceiling light and also bedside and desk lights. The TV has subtitles available. There are also handrails in the bathroom to help with access to the bath and toilet. There are currently no special facilities for people with sight and hearing disabilities, but staff are always happy to help where possible.

Bathrooms, Showers & Toilets

Our disabled access room has an en-suite bathroom. There are also two disabled toilets on either side of the hotel.

Public Areas – Halls, Stairs, Landings and Corridors

Most corridors are naturally lit with ceiling scone lights providing additional lighting. The corridors are 110cm wide with 75cm wide fire doors between different corridors. There is a guest lift that gives access to the upper parts of the ground floor and also to the first floor bedrooms. The lift is located around the corner from reception through two fire doors. The fire doors are manually opened so assistance may be needed. The lift has a mirrored wall, an emergency grab rail and brail buttons. The emergency call button in the lift links directly to the hotel reception.

Public Areas – Lounge and Lobbies

The hotel’s lounge area is located next to the reception through manually operated doors. There are a number of leather couches and coffee tables available for guests to use. The lounge area leads through to the bar with a slight slope at the bar entrance. The area is lit by ceiling scones and wall lights. Food and drink from the bar can be served in this area and is available from the bar. The nearest WCs are either past reception, next to the Reynolds room or there are more WCs and an accessible WC on the far side of the bar.

Restaurant & Bar Area

Churchill’s restaurant is located next to the reception area opposite the entrance. Behind the restaurant is the Conservatory that is also used for meals, weather permitting. The doors to the restaurant are 90cm wide with a level floor. The chairs are upright without arms and wooden backs. The tables have 70cm clearance underneath with ample space around for access. The restaurant is well lit by natural light from the conservatory and also has a large chandelier and wall lighting. Service in the restaurant is done at the table and the kitchen can cater for all types of dietary requirement. Large print menus area available and the waiters are always happy to provide assistance with reading the menus or explaining different dishes. The nearest WCs are located near the reception, just outside the restaurant. The nearest assessable WC is in the Brasserie bar.

The Brasserie bar is located through the lounge area on the front of the hotel. There are double doors to the bar which can be opened up to 120cm. The bar has different seating options, with tub chairs, cushioned benches and straight backed chairs available. The tables in the bar also have a clearance of 70cm underneath. The bar well lit by natural light and also ceiling and wall lighting. There is no table service in the Brasserie and food and drinks must be ordered from the bar, there is a bar menu available, but dishes from the restaurant can also be ordered. The WCs and accessible WC are located next to the bar.

Leisure Facilities

The hotel has a leisure complex that offers a gym, indoor pool, whirlpool, kid’s pool, sauna, steam room, dance studio and 3 beauty treatment rooms. The leisure facilities can be accessed either through the hotel or through the leisure reception area. The complex has its own lift that can be used to access the upper level of the building and pool area. There is an accessible/family change room just by the pool entrance. The gym has cycling, running, rowing and cross-trainer machines as well as fixed and free weights. There are currently no accessible features on the gym equipment, but staff are happy to help where possible. The leisure complex is well lit by natural light with big windows and a glass ceiling over the pool. There are also florescent bulbs to provide extra lighting. Most of the complex is carpeted with hard floors in the gym and tiled around the changing room and pool area. The complex has toilets on both ground and first floors, but only has accessible toilets on the first floor in the accessible changing room. The assessable toilet has an emergency cord that is linked the to leisure reception desk. The facilities are open from 7am – 10pm Mon – Fri, 8am – 9pm Sat and 8am – 8pm on Sun. Last entries to the facilities are 1 hour before closing. The leisure manager can be contacted through the hotel to discuss specific requirements of guests.

Treatment Rooms

The leisure complex has 3 separate beauty treatment rooms on the first floor which can be accessed by the lift from the leisure reception. The entrances are 90cm wide and clear of obstruction. The rooms are quite small, but there is space for normal wheelchairs. The rooms are carpeted and mood lit to provide a relaxing environment. Treatments are available 7 days a week from 9:30am – 5:00pm, but evening treatments are also available on request. To discuss treatments or make enquiries please contact the head Beautician through the hotel or leisure complex.

Grounds and Gardens

The hotel is surrounded by an 18 hole golf course set in over 100 acres of parkland. The grounds are in the Plym valley and have woods, lakes and fields as well as the golf course. There is a walk around the outside of the course that takes in the woods and lakes of the grounds and directions are available from the hotel reception. There are no set walks around the golf course and we advise people not to walk on the course during the day when the course is in use. Outside of the golf course hours, when quiet, there are a number of paths leading around the course which guests are free to use, but please watch out for golfers and take care on the rough terrain. Paths are surfaced with gravel, but due to constant use by golfers, buggies and maintenance equipment they can be uneven in places.

Conference, Meeting and Function Rooms

The hotel has 2 function rooms; the Elite suite is the largest room and capable of seating 130 people for a meal or 200 people standing, the Reynolds Room is the smaller room and can accommodate 80 people sitting or 130 standing. Both rooms have their own bars and toilet facilities. The Reynolds does not have an assessable toilet, but there is one on the other side of the Brasserie bar, a short distance from the room.

The Elite room is accessed via the rear of the hotel and has its own lobby area. The entrance is down a short flight of steps, but there is also ramp access. The main room is split on two levels with a raised balcony area by the entrance and a lower main floor. Ramps area available to get from the balcony to the main floor area, but these are only wide enough to accommodate a normal wheel chair, so guest using larger equipment should contact the hotel to discuss access. The room has short pile carpet over most of the floor and a wooden dance floor at the far end of the room, next to the stage. The room is well lit, with windows down 3 sides and in the ceiling and numerous spotlights and wall lights that provide lighting at night. There is no fixed furniture in the room and tables and chairs can be moved around as required.

The Reynolds room is behind the hotel’s main reception area and is accessed just behind the reception desk. The door is 70cm wide on level ground. There is also an entrance/exit to the Terrace area outside the room through 145cm wide double glass doors. There is a small step from this door, but the hotel can provide ramps to help access. The room has short pile carpet over most of the floor and a wooden dance floor in the centre of the room, which can be covered by carpet during meals. The room is well lit, with windows down 2 walls with ceiling and wall lights that provide lighting at night.

Additional Information

Evacuation details are given in the hotel guides in each room as well as posted on the backs of room doors. Copies are available from reception and can be printed in large print if needed. Staff are trained to help clear the hotel in case of an emergency and will make special precautions for people requiring assistance.

The hotel is dog friendly and welcomes assistance dogs. There is no specific run/toilet area, but there are numerous places in the grounds which provide the space needed and reception staff can direct guess to them.

Room service is available 24 hours a day. Hot food is available from 8am to 9pm and cold snacks outside these hours. There is a small tray charge for room service. Low energy lighting is being installed throughout the hotel to save electricity and to comply with the companies Environmental Policy. Hotel direction signs use white text on a grey background outside and gold text on wooden backgrounds outside.

The hotel’s nearest hospital is Derriford and located on Derriford Rd Plymouth, Devon PL6 8DH (01752 202082). The nearest GP is Plympton Health Centre, Mudge Way, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 1AD (01752 346634).

Internet access is available free of charge, but only in the bar and lounge areas of the hotel. Reception staff can provide the passwords for connection.

Details of local attractions can be found on our website or in the Hotel guide in rooms.

Contact Information

The Elfordleigh Hotel, Colebrook, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon, PL7 5EB (01752 336428)



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